Big apple: bitten

My mission to new York is complete: art viewed, beer sipped, pretzels scarfed. It was a great trip, I’m so glad I finally got to see all of it. But I’m not ready to pull up and move to the big apple, it was fun and all but I’m glad to be back at home in Canada.

Here’s a summary of the accumulated wisdom for the week:
-buy an unlimited metrocard transit pass, for 29$ it was the bargain of the century, plus saved the hassle of having to reload a card
-just like during my trip to scandinavia, having pre-downloaded maps for both street and subway was the key to navigation. I used OffMaps (1.99$) and the NY Subway (free) apps from apple’s app store.
– new yorkers don’t have nearly as many unsecured wifi networks as in other places (or maybe more people are tightening them up over time) and lots of hipster cafes are banning laptops (a new trend). Starbucks was the only reliable, non- hotel source of wifi, so if you’re trying to do your communications without roaming fees like I did, keep that in mind.
– cool shops and restaurants are not nearly as concentrated as they are in cities like Toronto and Copenhagen. If you plan on wandering and browsing be ready to walk through sections that may seem sort of like barren, garbage strewn wastelands (especially in Williamsburg).
– premium beer is actually not much more expensive than regular beer in the USA for some reason: my premium pint at spuyten duyvil cost about the same as a forgettable Brooklyn lager at another bar. So there’s no excuse NOT to try the fun stuff!
– go to a comedy show at the upright citizens brigade theatre, they are terrific! but definitely reserve online. They often sell out all the seats in advance and the standing room space isn’t great.
-eat before you go to the met. The cafeteria is a noisy, low ceilinged chamber of disaster, with extortionate prices. Buy a hot dog from the veteran manning the stall outside instead.
– top of the rock is awesome: shorter lines than empire state building and you can actually see the empire state building since you’re not standing right on it.

Thank you all so much for reading!


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