Day 9: Williamsburg

If NYC is the city that never sleeps, then brooklyn is the city that sleeps til noon and then faffs around for a while. Had a bit of a sleep in and lazy morning (since nothing opens il noon) and then had a massive delay in the form of the subway being closed for some reason. The replacement shuttle wait was epic so I gave up and took a cab to williamsburg for a lazy day of poking around the shops. Saw some nice stuff, there was a perfume gallery that mixes it’s own scents: if you want to smell like a cross between a “clean baby butt” and a “wet mitten” they can take care of you, and maybe mix in some florals and musk. It was sunny and gorgeous and a great day for a walk, if not particularly productive shopping wise, but I suppose that’s for the best, right? More greenbacks for beers 😉


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